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Career Day at Duncan Elementary
Career Day at Duncan Elementary
Posted on 05/12/2019
Business person talking to studentsOur 6th graders attended the annual Career Focus Luncheon at the Palazzo Grande. Students prepared a personal survey of interests and skills, projects and tasks that allowed them the opportunity to learn more about themselves, their various careers, and occupational outlooks for the future.

One project they worked on was an in-class, small group research project on a variety of careers. They had a choice of what type of multi-media they would use to share their information. Another project was their video resume. In order to begin that project, they collected pictures, videos, or other items documenting their skills, abilities and interests. This video resume will be shared with others. The students also created business cards, complete with a QR code that they shared at the Career Focus Luncheon.

At Duncan we felt that in order to enrich this experience for our children an extra component needed to be addressed. April 29th we had our second “Career Day” in the sixth grade. We invited adult family members to be resource people, to come in and meet with small groups of our students to share “a day in the life at work”. We rotated small groups of sixth graders, based on their interest, for 3 fifteen minute sessions. The adults provided children with a new awareness of occupations, and afforded them the opportunity to learn and dialogue with an adult about their career. The students were incredible and the volunteer resource people made the sessions very meaningful and the experience so valuable for our children.

The survey results, resume, projects, business cards, classroom experiences along with the Annual Duncan Sixth Grade Career Day has provided our students with a good base for reflection and discussion in preparation for their future. We used the many resources and technologies that we have at our disposal and to make this unit of study meaningful and significant for our children. The sixth graders were prepared, focused, and diligent in preparation for the luncheon as the culminating celebration.