Duncan students feast on books
Duncan students feast on books
Posted on 04/11/2017
Mrs. Lambert "serving" books to three Duncan Elementary female students

We all know that March is Reading Month brings fun and interesting opportunities for students across the country to increase and improve their reading habits, but Julie Lambert at Duncan Elementary has put a new twist on this annual tradition.

The Duncan Explorers arriving for their media center time in March were surprised and delighted to find out that their media center was transformed into the Book Café!

Upon arrival, students were greeted and seated with special “tasting” menus that allowed them to chose their very own multiple course “meal.”

The meal consisted of various books listed under “appetizers”, “main courses”, and “desserts” they could enjoy, but each course had to be ordered from a friendly and efficient waitress, formerly media center teacher, Mrs. Lambert.

And books weren’t the only things enjoyed during this special café time-each student was also treated to a special beverage and snack, too!