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Duncan driver named one of the Michigan's best
Duncan Bus Driver Charles Weir was recently honored by the Board of Education for earning top honors at a statewide competition
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Principal's Message

 The winter break is a great time to encourage extra reading at home!  Reading Leads to a Life-Time of Adventure...It is so important that we communicate to our children that reading is something that we value as a life activity!  If we want our students to read more, we must provide them with classrooms, libraries and homes where reading is the norm.  If reading isn’t held in high regard, they won’t.  For some students struggling to finish books or commit to reading, setting small goals helps them achieve success quickly and rack up positive reading experiences.  By recommending high interest short story collections, your child will have the satisfaction of completing a story in less time, while still building stamina.  Offer short books which require less of a time investment from developing readers, while still introducing them to prolific authors.   When your child begins to select longer books, check in often with them to determine their progress and offer positive reinforcement for completing chapters or meeting page goals!

Check out "From the Principal" for the December message.

Our Mission

The Community at Richard J. Duncan Elementary School is devoted to academic excellence. Sound instructional strategies will provide our students with a foundation of skills that will prepare them for lifelong achievement in a global society.

We Believe...
* All students can learn and achieve.
* All students can teach and learn from each other.
* All parents are partners in their children’s education.
* We will value individuality and diversity.
* We will maintain high expectations for all children to be responsible and caring students.
* All children need a safe and secure learning environment- both physical and emotional.
* We will help students become lifelong learners so they can adapt to a changing world.

Electronic Report Cards

Duncan Elementary offers parents two easy ways to electronically access your student’s semester grades through a secure system.  These options will allow parents to view semester grades and attendance as soon as the information becomes available:

  • PowerSchool - PowerSchool allows you to view semester grades and attendance. Parents who do not have access to a PowerSchool account will need to register for one prior to the end of the marking period. The report cards will be automatically e-mailed to the address that is used to register the PowerSchool account.
  • SchoolMessenger - As an added featured, the system we use to communicate with you through automated e-mails and phone messages also provides parents a secure way to manage and receive information.  This registration process will also allow you to set your preferred method of notifications for emergencies and school notices. Parents must first have a PowerSchool account to register for this system.

Our school no longer automatically prints and mails report cards to parents. Printed report cards are available by requesting one from our school office. 

More information on how to register for secure accounts is available at:

Utica Community Schools is Michigan's second largest school district.

Student achievement in the district outpaces all county, state and national averages. The district's graduation rate is 12 points higher than the state average and students and staff are regularly honored for excellence.

For more information on Utica Community Schools, please visit this link